Max Mosley is perhaps best known for his years of work within Formula One racing, initially as a leading member of the Constructor’s Association, as founder of March Engineering and later as President of the FIA for four terms.


After its establishment in 1969, March Engineering quickly became one of the leading manufacturers of racing vehicles, exporting to the USA, South America, Europe and Japan. In 1981 Max played a key role in the negotiations leading up to the Concorde Agreement, which has governed F1 racing ever since. Prior to his manufacturing and presidential roles, Max enjoyed some success himself as a racing driver at amateur level, competing in International Formula Two in Europe from 1966.


As well as holding one of the most prestigious roles in racing, Max has been a leading figure in campaigning for road safety across Europe – and indeed the world – for many years. He has a number of significant achievements behind him, including campaigns to improve standards in crash testing and vehicle emissions, setting up the Brussels office of the FIA and initiating Euro NCAP. Max was also behind a carbon sequestration forestry project that launched in 1995 in Mexico, where enough trees were planted to remove all the CO2 created by Formula One racing from the atmosphere, making the sport carbon neutral.

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